dumb homework

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i have homework to hand in by 27th and i hate it hate it HATE IT
i dont wanna do it
im doing a magazine but im stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sandy

    I've dropped on you several times, and have had an advert pending since way back on the 18th. Are you no longer active with EC? Was wondering whether I should cancel the advert?
    Your blog posts aren't dated so I can't how long it's been since you've updated your page.
    leaving my url, as your settings only allow for the generic google

  2. natalie

    sorry sandy but im in phil. right now and the nearest internet cafe ism a 15min srive from our place but then after being her in th philippines were imagrati8ng to australlia and by the way im only 10 yrs old

    janne natalie (oldest author of this blog)