Nearly my birthday

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I can't wait till my birthday because I will be eight!
But I won't get more stuff because we had the party on my Natalie's birthday.
But it doesn't matter!!!!!!!!!!
I'm glad that I have a family that love me and care about me !!!

So bye bye!!!!!!!

-posted by Nicole

3 coolie-o comments

  1. Karen Christi

    Advance happy birthday to you my pretty niece..

    love lots,

    ate karen

  2. GAGAY

    hop..hop..hop..Dropping by here..sniffing new infos and parking for a while..i also dropped EC and kissed your ads..

    Hope to see you at mine! Take care!


  3. GAGAY

    whew! happy tuesday! hopping here again! take care!whew! advance happy birthday!