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OK I'm only 9 but I'm half addicted to x factor (OK I'M JUST PLAIN OLD ADDICTED ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?????????) Right now i also like happyslip ( youtube , happyslip )+ Ryan Higa (A.K.A: nigahiga say nee-gaa-hee-gaa) Anyway you might be outta breath reading this coz there aint any blommin fullstops and there also aint any proper puncuation.ANYWAY tonite is the x factor final i want Eoghan Quigg 2 win (say: owen) polls say that Alexander has the best chane of winning then Eoghan (owen) then JLS (Jane,Jenny,Lauren and stacy: -)anyway im going to miss all of it thanks to this post but what the heck whoo cares well not me!!!!

natalie XxXxXxXxXxX :-)

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