eek! watch the hair!!!!

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Natalie's hair raising adventure
(this is a TRUE story)
Once upon a time (the day after Christmas 2008) Natalie the great , the first , the best, the most popular and the most beautiful (I WISH!!!!! :) was on the sofa minding her own business when CRASH one of her father's evil bags landed on her. Natalie died.......
NOT REALLY Natalie cried for help desperately wriggling about. Suddenly Nicole the annoying poofed out of the blue and tugged at the bag as hard she could "WATCH MY LONG SILKY BLACK HAIR!" cried Natalie(she really said "WATCH THE HAIR IDIOT!"). After a year (uMmm i mean 1 minute) of tugging and pulling and tugging and pulling and tugging and pulling(get the picture???) the bag came of Natalie rushed to the mirror to fix her hair.
P.S Nicole was really a evil sorceress (NOT!!;)

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